PROJECT 615: senior design & Production lead


Project 615 is a philanthropic + missions based apparel company located  in Nashville, TN. Our main mission is to help change the world by producing t-shirts & apparel.

About Project 615:  What’s so special about Project 615? We make some of the most creative & fashion forward t-shirts on the market.  We are a young company composed of smart and driven teammates committed to constantly improving our work. We are passionate about making great products, while sticking to our mission of continuing to provide jobs and raise money and awareness for world changing causes.

About the Position:  A heart for leadership, a mind for design. At it’s core this  job is twofold.  It requires strong leadership skills and also great creative and design acumen. This person is moreso motivated by the desire to see growth in everyone he/she works with and their successes and in turn becoming a great asset for the company.  

You love design, screen printing, apparel design and the whole process from beginning to end; but you love growing people just as much. When you are out and about at dinner with your friends you are thinking of the next great t-shirt design. You love typography and take pride in how many fonts you’ve memorized, and you have a somewhat serious stance on the use of Helvetica. You love reading about design and studying the big dogs in the market, as well as attending design conferences at least 2x a year.  When you see great design, you are inspired by it and know you can do better.

You work well under pressure, and understands some projects just need to “ship” and be launched even though you know it can be better.  

You are also eager to pour into those around you with design and screenprinting wisdom and knowledge, and in the same note aren’t afraid to learn and take criticism. You are able to clearly explain your design decision making in presentations or meetings.

As Senior Designer &  Production Lead, you’ll be responsible for all design and apparel produced as well as all apparel printed in house and beyond.  You will be our T-shirt Idea Vault, Quick-on-the-Draw Design Producer , and Screen Print Quality Aficionado. Our ideal Lead will quickly learn how to bring his most proficient and creative ideas and apply them to his/her department and team.

Sound like you’re a fit? Great! Keep Reading.

About You:

  • You have 3+ years experience in a related position (at a screen print/apparel brand a plus)

  • Diligent worker

  • Love design, typography, apparel, screen printing

  • Excited about the mission and social enterprise aspect of Project 615

  • Balances  numerous projects at one time and show patience with people

  • Understanding and interested in creative ways to grow the brand

  • Love to learn and love to teach

  • Loads of experience with Adobe Creative Suite and preparing art for screen print applications (In order of importance 1.Illustrator, 2. Photoshop, 3. InDesign)

  • Knowledge of Screen printing and the nuances and how to design for such

  • Experience design for online marketing materials and emails

  • Great at meeting deadlines with successful design solutions

  • Able to lead, oversee, and coordinate a small, flourishing print shop

What You’ll Do:

  • Design and Oversee the design and printing of every single Project 615 garment

  • Work with our team in vision casting, creating, and designing for season releases and launches

  • Designing and creating identities for 4 or more “campaigns” annually that raise awareness for certain causes.

  • Oversee the creation of all marketing materials

  • Coordinate and oversee all printing as far as quality, colors, inks, scheduling, etc.

  • Meet all deadlines for shirt launches, marketing, etc.

  • Work daily with other leaders on meeting deadlines, overseeing artwork, keeping a calendar of all events and release dates

  • Constantly seeking ways to improve our efficiency in production and design

  • Help keep the integrity of the brand and educate internally and externally on proper usage of the Project 615 Brand Identity

  • Coordination art with freelance artists


  •  3+ years general business experience

  • Is a positive influence and understands the Project 615 mission, wants to be a part of something greater than themselves.

  • Gets things done on schedule

  • Not easily distracted

  • Understands our brand

  • Multi-tasks well

  • Extremely organized and detail oriented

  • Believes in having fun at their job

  • Is always learning and growing

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Position: Full-time. 40 hours a week. Salary position.

Timing: Willing to hire ASAP.

Next Steps: If you are interested in applying for this position, please email a 1-page PDF document containing a cover letter that answers the below 3 questions as well as a résumé to with the subject line “Staff Recruitment: Senior Design & Production Lead [Applicant’s Name].”

  1. What sets you apart for this position from other candidates with comparable qualifications and experience?

  2. List your greatest strength and greatest weakness.

  3. Why Project 615?

  4. Also send an online portfolio weblink or .pdf.