Project 615 raised over $100k for Gatlinburg Relief Fund

Hey guys! Incredible news! You helped us raise over $100k for the Gatlinburg Relief Fund with our "Heart For The Smokies" t-shirt campaign! We are so humbled by all the generosity and purchases! There were over 60 businesses destroyed by the wildfires in Gatlinburg and hundreds of employees are now left homeless and unemployed. This money will go directly to assist these people to give them housing, food, clothing and pay any urgent bills. Project 615 is built on not only producing great products, but we are on mission to help change the world! Thank YOU for your generosity and for your purchase of our "Heart For The Smokies" t-shirts! If you are still wanting to purchase our "Heart For The Smokies" shirts, we are currently sold out but plan on doing a limited release in January! If you are still wanting to donate, you can donate to the Gatlinburg Relief Fund via Smart Bank.