Here's to One of The Good Guys: Dan's Story

This is our good buddy, Dan. Dan came to our partner ministry, Set Free, in the fall of 2010, right when we began Project 615. We told him about our plan on starting a t-shirt shop and he was all about helping us from the installation of our equipment to the set up of our electricity in our print shop. Rewind a few decades when Dan was living the street life back in Arizona. Dan was incarcerated for fifteen and a half years for shooting a federal police officer. During his prison stay, Dan was introduced to that officer where that officer forgave Dan and told Dan about the love of God. Behind bars, Dan accepted the love of God and promised to begin a new life in serving others. That officer and Dan started a ministry together in Phoenix, AZ called Church on the Street. After ministering in Arizona for a few years, Dan came to Nashville in 2010 to join Set Free Ministry. Immediately, he began volunteering at The Bridge Ministry (an outreach program that feeds the homeless in downtown Nashville.) In October of 2011, Dan was offered a full time position for The Bridge where he is an active part in feeding hundreds of homeless and needy families each week. Being someone who was used to the street life and could relate to these people, Dan made it his life mission to help others who were once like him. In 2012, Dan was still looking for a place to call home and was blessed with a 19 foot camping trailer which he called home for a few years. As of last week, our good buddy Dan can call a new place home as he received the keys to his very first condo!! We are stoked for Dan because it really is a testament to how when you fully trust in God, He will continue to bless your life. It's awesome to see how Dan's life was impacted, but the more he worked on serving others and serving God, he was taken care of. Dan says, "Thank God for blessing me, a sinner who falls short of the glory of God and yet He forgave me and showed me unconditional love". Here's to one of the good guys. Love you Dan!