Meet our friend, Keith.

Meet our friend Keith. Keith is a 45 year old Nashville native. Before coming to our partner ministry, Set Free, Keith was off and on living on the streets while being severely addicted to drugs. Keith began looking for places to live so he could transform his life so he came to Set Free. Keith has lived at Set Free for the past 5 months. Throughout his stay here, he has become clean and sober for the first time in 20 years. He gives all of his credit to God and to Set Free for giving him an opportunity to change his life around. One of the coolest parts about Keith now is that he is dedicating his life to helping those in lower income parts of Nashville. He is personally kickstarting a Saturday evening outreach currently in East Nashville.  Keith says "I am really for the first time doing what God wants me to do rather than doing what I selfishly want to do". Thanks to all of you for your purchases w/Project 615. You are truly allowing us to change the world. #project615 #setfree #nashville #tennessee #homeless #addiction #god #jesus #love