WHAT IS PROJECT 615? We are a company focused on serving others by selling high quality products that advocate for world changing causes. Based in Nashville, TN with customers all over the globe!

PROJECT 615 T-SHIRTS & APPAREL: We started Project 615 to not only come out with high quality products, we also wanted to change the world! Project 615 has been able to give away nearly $350,000 to world changing non profits! That's a lot of dough! Also, we believe in giving the gift of second chances! That's why since Project 615 was founded in 2010, we have been able to hire 50 (!) people who are on the path of recovery from addiction,  homelessness and mental illness. So thank you so much for your purchase

 PROJECT 615 CAMPAIGNS: Project 615 campaigns help impact other world changing organizations. Project 615 will offer special edition t-shirts/apparel seasonally where we raise money to help impact those respective organizations.

OUR STORY: Project 615 was first formed in the summer of 2010 after co-founders Derek Evans & Matt Blinco visited one of the nations largest homeless communities, Skid Row, in downtown Los Angeles, California.  Both Derek and Matt realized that they wanted to do something about the ever increasing homeless population locally back in Nashville. They decided to start Project 615 as a fundraising and awareness effort for the homeless. Derek & Matt decided to use their gifts and talents and launched Project 615! They knew from the very beginning they wanted to create t-shirts and apparel to help change the world and give second chances! Since the very beginning, the mission was very clear: create high quality t-shirts and apparel, hire those coming off the streets and continue to take some of the profit and give it back to world changing causes. And boom, years later, Project 615 still has the original DNA today.