Project 615 Presents: The 615 Bus Sessions, celebrating the spirit of Music City from our 1978 Volkswagen Bus, affectionately named "Dolly." We're inviting local artists and bands to hop in our bus with nothing but their instruments and the truth (and a Project 615 tee) to perform original music as we roll through the streets of Nashville, hoping to shine a light on the incredible talent that grows within this city that we love. Ride along with us and check out a brand new episode every other Monday.


episode 1: the young fables, "completely"

The Young Fables are the promising country duo comprised of  American Idol vet Laurel Wright and accomplished guitarist and vocalist Wesley Lunsford. The act hails from Maryville, TN and the duo has already collected impressive accolades including the Grand Prize of the Texaco Country Showdown and winning the Nashville finals of NASH FM’s countrywide NASH NEXT competition. Check out their original song, "Completely" off their debut album, Two. 

Episode 3: luthi, "every body"

LUTHI have found themselves, their sound, and their sense of belonging with their newest single, “Every Body,” played here in our 1978 VW Bus.  Playing hard on a host of influences, from Curtis Mayfield to LCD Soundsystem, the band weaves its way through layers of sound and space while never compromising danceability, a feel that encompasses the whole of their latest EP, Home Again. Featuring: Christian Luthi (vocals), Taylor Ivey (banjo),  Johnny Williamson (guitar) and Robert Gay (trumpet). 

episode 5: paul mcdonald, "call on me" 

After a divorce and the break-up of his former band, Paul McDonald left his life in LA in search of familiarity and solace. The Alabama-born artist found himself in East Nashville, feeling like a stranger in a region he once called home. That all changed when he picked up his guitar and began the process of what would become "Modern Hearts," his debut LP. Check out his performance of "Call on Me," the latest single off his upcoming record, with undeniable groove and an irresistible soul-pop hook. 

Episode 7: The daybreaks, "hypnotized"

Recently formed "indie supergroup," The Daybreaks, comprised of local artists, songwriters and producers Heather Bond, Kaleb Jones, Bobby Holland, Adam Bokesch and Zac Stred, bring you their powerful and enticing single "Hypnotized," from their stand-out debut record "Find Me At The End of the World," available now everywhere.  Holland's varied sensibility of sound, plus Bond's piano prowess, paired with Jones' bold guitar playing, is welcoming and uncharted territory.

episode 9: roots of a rebellion, "peace & Love"

Voted one of Music City's best local bands by readers of the Nashville Scene, Roots of a Rebellion "bolster Reggae-Rock-Dub music for the soul." Their inspired performance of "Peace & Love," a favorite from the group's latest album, A Brother's Instinct, highlights the original music they create and its consistent uplifting message for listeners. 

Episode 11: lillie mae, "To go wrong"

Lillie Mae has been singing and playing on stages across the country since she could stand on her own two feet, picking up the microphone at age three and the fiddle at seven. Forever and Then Some, her much anticipated Third Man Records debut produced by multi- GRAMMY® Award-winner Jack White III, weaves her own experiences with the myriad strains of Americana to affirm her as a bright new star that's been here all along. Check out her exclusive performance of "To Go Wrong," from our 1978 VW Bus.

Episode 13: Drake white, "The Coast Is Clear (run with the bulls)"

Drake White and The Big Fire, "The Coast Is Clear (Run With The Bulls)." Alabama native and Big Machine Label Group artist Drake White joined us in our classic VW to perform an original fan-favorite, dedicated to chasing your dreams, and not letting life "pass you by." Described by Billboard as a confident, energetic presence with a mix of gravel, soul and gospel in his voice," Drake's inspired rendition of "The Coast Is Clear" gives a metaphorical green-light to ignite the spark in our own lives.

Episode 15: creature comfort, "arcade fire"

Creature Comfort is a Nashville-based four-piece that offer a refreshing and alternative take on traditional indie rock. The band thrives in the delicate spaces between experimental and approachable, penning highly-versatile pop tunes that dabble in everything from psych to surf to folk to country. Check out their in-bus performance of their new dynamic, multi-instrumental track "Arcade Fire."

Episode 17: Native run, "Make it real" 

Virginia's own Native Run began one fateful day when Rachel Beauregard and Bryan Dawley first joined forces at the behest of mutual friends. Within hours of practice, "magic started exploding everywhere", and their groovy, soul-bearing country music quickly began to be recognized on a national level by the likes of the Austin City Limits Music Festival and beyond. Check out their in-bus performance of their original Christmas tune, "Make It Real," and be sure to check out their latest single "Sleeping In the Bed I Made" now!

Episode 19: Jordan davis, "Singles you UP"

Named to Pandora's 2018 Artists to Watch and CMT's Listen Up Artists of the year, newcomer Jordan Davis dresses "his solid country foundation with a blend of pop, modern R&B and hip-hop," adding his sound to the fun, contemporary sound dominating radio waves. Don't miss the in-bus performance of his original song, "Singles You Up," and catch him on the road with Jillian Jacqueline this year on the "White Wine and Whiskey Tour;" official dates at jordandavisofficial.com. 

Episode 21: Republican hair, "Whatever blows your hair back" 

Nashville hit-maker Luke Dick's indie moniker and brain-child, Republican Hair, features a new-wave-ish party vibe, drawing inspiration from the sounds of the 1980s — in particular from Prince. Don't miss Dick's psychedelic falsetto in "Whatever Blows Your Hair Back, an original track from their latest EP, The Prince & the Duke, available now at republicanhair.org.

Episode 30: Drake White, "Girl in Pieces"

The tropical vibe is inspired by Drake's love for Bob Marley's music, but the song's message hits a bit closer to Drake's Alabama hometown. Drake and his wife, Alex, first started dating after she'd been through a bad romance. He stepped in and was there to help mend her broken heart.

episode 2: jordan depaul, "sleepwalker"

Originally from Youngstown, Ohio, Jordan DePaul is a folk/pop act based out of Nashville, TN. With his main focus being on the lyric, his unique mix of folk melodies over a pop delivery will make your heart pound; for more than one reason. DePaul is playing local favorite Exit/In in Nashville on Thursday June 1, kicking off his "Is This Everything or Nothing At All" tour. Check out the first single off his forthcoming record, "Sleepwalker," expected mid July.

episode 4: drake white, "makin' me look good again" 

Every reaction begins with a catalyst, some initial event that sets things on their inexorable course. For CBS Artist of Tomorrow, Drake White, it goes back to something raw and elemental in his debut album "Spark"... The project covers an entire spectrum of emotions beyond statements of character and self-definition. In "Making Me Look Good Again," White cruises on an R&B-style groove to express his gratitude for his better half. 

episode 6: ron pope, "work"

This Nashville-based independent artist and one of Rolling Stone Country's "Artists You Need to Know" has consistently plotted his own course, and has evolved into one of the top-grossing independent acts in the business. "Work," the title track from his forthcoming record, recounts a painful moment from Ron's past when a teacher told his mother that he'd probably end up in prison. After that, he started "messing around writing songs...and it's been mostly uphill ever since." Ron's record is available for pre-order online now, and will be released everywhere August 18.

Episode 8: shelly fairchild, "damn good lover" 

A staple in the Nashville music community, Shelly Fairchild hit the scene to much acclaim with her soulful, gospel-tinged brand of alt-country that allowed her to tour with some of the biggest names in the format, including Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban and Tim McGraw. Check out her inspired, blues-ridden performance of "Damn Good Lover," a standout single from her latest, and "most honest" record Buffalo.

episode 10: nobigdyl., "tree tops"

nobigdyl. is a Nashville-based independent hip-hop artist. He hopped in our bus to perform his hit single "Tree Tops," one of many standout favorites featured on his first full-length album, Canopy, which climbed to #7 on iTunes Hip-Hop Charts. As the founding member of indie tribe., a collective of artists independent of mainstream ideals, nobigdyl. seeks to light up darkness through his music.

episode 12: sawyer, "next time" 

Sawyer is a Nashville-based duo comprised of Kel Taylor and Emma Harvey whose sound can be described in no other way than “Indie Sparkle Pop.” With comparisons to Lucy Rose and early Bombay Bicycle Club they have built a resonance with music "built on tight vocal harmonies and intricate guitar work.” Check out their in-bus performance of "Next Time" from their latest EP, Easy Now, from our 1978 VW Bus, Dolly. 

episode 14: walker hayes, "halloween" 

Inspired by music from all genres, rising-star and seasoned-songwriter Walker Hayes seamlessly blends elements of pop, rock, rap and country together, creating a fresh sound firmly rooted in his southern perspective. "Halloween" tells a story larger than the holiday: his original, truthful tune is written for his wife, Laney, someone he can be himself around, "mask free." "Halloween" and Walker's top-20 Billboard Country hit, "You Broke Up With Me" are fan-favorites from his upcoming album, boom., hitting shelves everywhere December 8.

episode 16: the accidentals, "earthbound"

Named among Yahoo Music’s “Top 10 Bands to Watch in 2017,” The Accidentals’ adventure began in their hometown of Traverse City, MI, when Katie Larson, a sophomore cellist, and Savannah Buist, a junior violinist, were paired for a high school orchestra event. They recorded three original albums, were guest artists on fifteen others, scored two films, while playing over 700 live shows. THEN they graduated high school. Check out their in-bus performance of "Earthbound," from their latest album, Odyssey. 

Episode 18: Drew Holcomb, "New Year"

A road warrior for more than a decade, critically-acclaimed songwriter Drew Holcomb has spent his adulthood on-stage and on the road, traveling from place to place with a catalog of vibrant, honest songs that explore the full range of American roots music. Ring in 2018 with an in-bus performance of his original song, "New Year," available now on his latest album, Souvenir.

episode 20: The Social animals, "cold"

Minnesotan four-piece band, The Social Animals, blend smooth, raspy vocals with memorable melodies, splattered across a canvas of indie rock instrumentation. Opening for bands like Dashboard Confessional and The All-American Rejects and performing on grand stages like Firefly Music Festival and Summerfest, The Social Animals show no signs of slowing down as they head into 2018 with a brand-new single on the airwaves, and a full album in the works. Check out the in-bus performance of their original song, "Cold" from their first EP, "Formative Years."

Episode 24: Daniel Ellsworth + The Great lakes, "paralyzed" 

Daniel Ellsworth + The Great Lakes is the sound life makes when it becomes pure joy-- it is the noise childhood makes when it surrenders to itself and becomes an ecstatic life. It is somehow simultaneously sweetness, energy, softness, and seduction. A strange alchemy that comes about in a town like Nashville — where they formed in 2010. Their new album, Fashion, is due out fall 2018. In the meantime check out an in bus performance of "Paralyzed"!